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How to change the Login Screen music


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Have you ever wanted to change the Cataclysm Login Screen music? You don't want to keep hearing the music from the original Cataclysm Login Screen?

Well, you can change the Login Screen music fairly easily, it can be done in a couple minutes. All you need to do is the following.

  1. Go to your World of Warcraft/Data Folder and create a new folder named "Sound"
  2. Inside the Sound folder, create another folder named "Music"
  3. Finally, inside the Music folder, create one last folder named "Cataclysm"
  4. Now download whatever music you want and put it in there (Must be a MP3). While you are at it, you must rename the song to "MUS_Shattering_UU01" (case-sensitive)
  5. After you do all that, open up Icecold-WoW and your song will play for the Login Screen. However, you will still hear Deathwing roar (If you have your Sound Effects option on).

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