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Vote reward list/cost


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Here we go!

Got tired of traveling to the Voteshop to check the cost of

items, so I made this list that I dont mind sharing :)

Voters Bag of Endless Slots - 25vp

Voters Helm - 60vp

Voters Shoulders - 60vp

Voters Chest - 60vp

Voters Gloves - 60vp

Voters Wrist - 60vp

voters Belt - 60vp

Voters boots - 60vp

Voters legs - 60vp

Thunderfury, Moaning Blade of the Windseeker - 4vp

@@Reclaimed Ashkandi, greatsword of the Brotherhood - 20vp

+40 Shirt of the Future Champion (Melee) - 100vp

+40 Shirt of the Future Champion (Caster) - 100vp

Frostmourne of the Beast - 200vp

Voters Slicer of IceCold - 30vp

Voters 2h Basher of IceCold - 45vp

Voters Staff of IceCold - 45vp

Voters Dagger of IceCold - 30vp

Voters Basher of IceCold - 30vp

Voters Splitter of IceCold - 30vp

Voters 2h Splitter of IceCold - 45vp

Voters 2h slicer of IceCold - 45vp

Voters Bow of IceCold - 35vp

Voters Libram of IceCold - 20vp

Voters Idol of IceCold - 20vp

Voters Totem of IceCold - 20vp

Voters Sigil of IceCold - 20vp

Best regards - Yapala :)

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