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My suggestion is that you top using your chat thing that's capped at like 20 users or something and switch to IRC, you can have people connect to it using their clients, or using http://qwebirc.org/ which is web irc, a client that you can put on your website, IRC servers are not super expensive also you can just use a free irc server(I suggest you using http://www.rizon.net/home) and create a channel for Icecold on it.

It has much more features and can hold as many people as you'd like.

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IRC is an idea, but would it really be useful at the moment? The Ventrilo is almost never used as it is. An IRC server could be just as dead.

I guess so, many people who play the server don't seem to be involved in the community very much, I would be one to use it, but if I was alone, it wouldn't be very good.

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Well one thing with people needing help. Is we need to put more notice up that there is a section on the "Teleport Stone" that has ALL the INFO they need, to know what to do. Most newbies won't just go through things, hell half the time people post all there millions of questions before even taking 1 step in the game.

But agreed, the IRC would be very nice. Since the Chat Room is kind meeeh, and as said before, the Vent is ALWAYS empty.

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