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A lot of complaining...


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Hello, Admin Rocx here,

To begin with, we never had the friendliest of communities.. that was fine though, people got used to it.

Now, since these new VIP sets have come in, the amount of whining and b*tching has increased 100x, and frankly it has to stop.

We are now a custom geared server. Accept it.

Why did we do this? More opportunities.

Custom and VIP gear means more donations overall. With extra funding, we can then begin to expand and cater to more people. We have had customs just a few weeks, and already we have been able to open a 3.3.5 Midrate realm. And who knows? Maybe when we get a good funding from the custom realm, we can open a new cata realm identical to the current one, but with no customs! How does that sound? Nice, yes.

So, long story short, this move will benefit us in the long run. Yes, we know it can frustrate you when VIPs are in the area. But with some work you can get around it. Why not form non-donor guilds and organize PvP events in remote areas? It would be fun, considering you can all get full vicious :). If you hate the donors, just avoid the areas they play.

We know you say you loved this server before customs. When you think about it, if you just avoid them it's still the same server, and as usual we are always improving. New dungeons coming soon for non-donors, and events, etc ;). With some organization and optimism this can still be the Ultimate Warcraft Experience.

That's all I have to say


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