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idea for new server!!!! (don't hate till you read)


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Hey guys, i have an idea for a realm, It could be so that it is totally blizzlike, you have the normal exp rate and you start from lvl 1 and make ur way to 85. All the gear is retail gear and that the best part about it is that non vip and vip players can have the same gear, Although vip players are able to get heirloom gear and weapons. Non vip players may not get them. For the vote tokens you can use them to buy honour, justice and ect.. You could also buy boosts ( a reusable buff) that makes you get 50% exp more from killing and quests. This would be one of the best balances that i think that you could get (aside from making it that there is a non vip and vip only servers). There would be no mall or anything like that. Totally blizzlike, I personally think that you could attract far more people than you have now! For this could be a place where peopel who want to play WoW but can't afford it. For the Vip heirlooms there would only be 1 vip rank. I have no idea what the charge would be but i estimate around $20-$30. I really hope you guys consider this and also if you agree then like it, if not then put a reason why in the comments!

Yours Truthfully, Elorale

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We have already done this, the realm was Dreamer, there is no chance of a blizzlike ever again unless Ryan was really high and decided we should have one, they will probably have an instant 85 instead.. The max players on dreamer was 10 a day, that was terrible.


You would be better off supporting that.

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