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Reporting Shadowpali,Geska,Shamama,Pawn,Magelings,Milaria...


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Solitaire, the wannabe GM said

@says the person who is gay <- Aimed at me

To which I replied, "Oh, You're gay? Good to know

And you have to admit that you indeed kiss Soli's ass because I don't see any report here while she was constantly DRing us.

@Pallyz ur stupid

If you get offended by such a thing you must be stupid.

@Last screenshot does not show any DR at all.

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Since these were multiple small incidents, and swearing in /o is more punishable with an active GM In-Game. Let this be a warning to the players.

I'm not going to ban anyone today for one person swearing one time or another, please grow up, and settle your differences like adults. (Or at least try)

And as for Milaria, (4th image) saying, "lol pallyz go and learn language and then come on a *ENGLISH* srv..."

1. This is not a(n) English speaking only server.

2. Actually know what you're saying, and double check, before commenting on someone else's grammatical errors.

3. "go and learn language" doesn't imply he has to learn English, instead it could be any language he wanted.

That is all. I honestly have no idea why Milaria saying that made me so angry. But as it is. This topic is now CLOSED

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