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Dawn Crusaders


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<Dawn Crusaders> had over 1000 members until the recent rollback. We would have over 20 GMs drop in a month and we have very friend people... We hold PvP events and kill Deathwing every day. Currently we have a Guild Lottery Game where if you want to join there is raffle, (You can win items) or lottery. (You can win gold.) its not my decision who wins the game its the games decision. This guild has been around for 1 year and is never going to leave... The highest amount of members we had in the guild was around 1250 members. Until the rollback then we had 600 but THEN everyone of 6 months got removed so then we got to 40 members... Then in 1 week we got 485 members :)



How long are you on?:

Are you strong?:

Are you friendly and do you Co-Operate with others?



Noob: Everyone who joins.

Warrior: Gained if you deposit 5+ items into guild.

DeathKnight: Gained if you deposit 10+ items including gold and is seen be friendly and helping people.

Senior-GM: Gained if you deposit over 20+ items including gold and is seen be friendly and helping people. Not breaking any of the rules... (No Swearing, No Begging For Items, No Asking For Ranks and No Spam. Also being very known in guild by the Senior-GM/Co-Owners or Guild Master.

Co-Owner: Obtained by specific people that I truly know and trust.


Current Senior-GMs: Tulle, Bloo, Camilla, Cole and Fragos.

Current Co-Owners: Lexy


See you there!

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