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Guest DeadlySinister

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Guest DeadlySinister

DeadlySinister is now recruiting!

Requirement's below:

Mostly Active

Prepared to fight Deathwing everyday!

Do player vs player often

Helping out the guild by doing player vs. player and deathwing raid!


Read Guild info!

Stay active if you are out of the guild for more then 5 days you will be kicked unless you edit a reason why you were not online in your note box. You can find the note box by going to guild, roster, and click your name there should be an area to put your reason.


There are several Co GuildMaster's sadly because the co guildmaster's are me and my brother!

PM Deadlay ingame for invite.

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Sorry brother but this is so outdated even if it was made today.

New DeadlySinister is this below:

Requirement's are:

Mostly Active

Do player vs. player or dw raid most often

Offer somestuff for stuff in guild bank.


Read Guild Info

Stay Active if you have a reason of staying unactive put it in your note section at guild roster you and there put it in note box.


Several Co GuildMaster's

Most friendly is debrael alt of debrael is Mexxusa


We have guild bank filled with demonic and alot of ravenged. 160000 gold in bank!

Most friendly guild you will ever meet!

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