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A great server!


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Hello. As you know or not, I'm going to be starting school again pretty soon. So for the first few weeks i want to focus all of my time onto schoolwork and figure out the fastest routes through the campus.

I will be leaving Icecold-wow, as a great happyfaced donator.

You guys of Icecold-WoW have been great people all around, and i had to think about this one, going from wowbeez to crapwow to eternal and molten as a GM, i've come up with the conclusion, that Icecold-WoW has been farout the greatest staff, referring to player connection. I've kept some secrets though... As a molten-wow GM these icecold-wow players are all around great. You'll be seeing a new member, Her name is Icabel, shes 15 so give her a break :P

-Millerlite, AKA Corey

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I agree, the best staff I've came across this far.

I to have to quit because of all the focus on school too. Thank you IceCold-WoW for the great time here. I will miss for sure all known and unknown players and the IceCold-WoW Staff. Players and staff.(..) thanks for making the community as it is.

Take care guys

Sadly regards


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