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*****Diplomats Recruiting!*****


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The <Diplomats> Guild is recruiting new members! We are very nice to players new to Private servers And IceCold-WoW! We do Deathwing Runs whenever, and are very nice. We are a great guild and very friendly to everyone! Guild Master is Huntardy. Whisper him for a guild invite, or whisper me. Anyone in the guild can invite, so don't be shy! My name is Kelsey.

Guild Master


Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you in the guild! Happy playing!


*****Kelsey the Paladin <3*****

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Make the name disappear (Laughing when i said that) Huntardy seriously I wish it was huntman or huntidiot please if you can switch the name. Oh wait i can just stop visiting this topic but i can not resist looking at the name huntardy.

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