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Player Information/Guild Name (On Profile and in Posts)


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1) Idea/Suggestion: Player Information/Guild Name

2) How will it work?: Players will fill out their main character (in-game name) and the guild that they are currently in, they can change this anytime they need, just so everyone knows each other..

3) Would it benefit the server?: People knowing who is posting on the forums and what guild they are in (Helps recruit players)

4) Would it cost the server any money or make the server any money?: Neither..

5) Other Details: This is were the information will show up..


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That would be a waste of time. Why would people want to know their guild names in the forums? I understand it helps recruiting, but if a new player joins game there is 3/4 chance that some one is going to recruit him in an hour or two (in-game).

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