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Working Recount!



Thought i'd make a useful post for people new to the server and want to get a working DPS meter (we'll be using recount in this guide).

Right it's pretty basic, download : THIS VERSION of Recount as it is the one that works for me and many other people on the server:


Install it like you would any other addon by extracting the folder to:

\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns

For example:


Now that the addon is installed launch World of Warcraft using the IceCold-Launcher which you can download from here:



Log in to the server and before choosing your character click AddOns and enable Recount:


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1. You going to download the 4.0.6 version of recount from this link >http://www.wowace.co.../files/?page=5< and scroll down to the file that looks like this.


Then click on the "r1148" that is on the left side of the picture shown above. When brought to the next page you are going to click on the "Download" button on the upper right side of the page.

2. Navigate your way to your main "World Of Warcraft" folder, when you have found that folder click on "Interface">"Addons", when you have gotten to the "Addons" folder you are going to drag the recount folder that you downloaded into the "Addons" folder.

3. Start up your WoW, log in, then when on the character screen, click on this button


Which is on the bottom left side of the page, when you have clicked on that a window with all of your current addons installed will pop up, once your on that screen make sure that this


Is checked, after that you can log in and start recording dps!

Post a comment on here if you have any more questions regarding rec

ount and its installation.

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Why do people need recount I mean it will cause lags and maybe its an untrusted addon

Yours truly,


1st. If you are using the correct version it causes no lag.

2nd. Its completely trusted and tons of people use it on Retail.

And using Recount can help you make better choices about the enchants/weapons/spells you use.

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