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Outdated Stuff


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I've been noticing some outdated stuff ingame that might confuse new players.


Ol0q2.pngIt says forest, love tokens, sapphiron and vampire instead of the new names

tEAhV.png (Note it isn't called "Might and Magic" Anymore.)

I don't think this stuff would be very hard to fix but it would make it much easier for new players to find stuff.

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Agree on that and also about the Blessed gear upgrade it says apexis shard and crystal and now one of them is renamed on cracked vip gem or something and people are confused all the time asking in the chat for such stuff also would be nice if you add some guide book or something to every new player so they can read it and know where to go to get starter stuff i know there is Help section in the teleporter but seems like they don't read it cuz they keep asking in the world chat who knows this might not help too cuz many of them don't really read these guides etc and just prefer to ask in the chat

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Thanks for the heads-up on that stuff. The stuff in the original post has been fixed (or will be the next time the realm restarts). The Cracked VIP Gem item should not be that name, it should still be the original and we're working on resetting the name.

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