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New hangout :)


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I was thinking couple days ago about a new hangout :) I was thinking making the new hangout Goldshire but all we have to do with horde is make them good when they come to goldshire like in deepholm horde is green make them green at goldshire and test to see if horde will get under attack at goldshire :)

I think this is a good suggestion dont u think :) but its a suggestion

Yours truly,


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Well, there are really enough hangouts. Considerring the malls, outside of Deepholm, and the arena; there are vip area's where you can hang out at; and there is a Chillzone made for Icecold-wow. With that in mind; plus those aren't even used... I dont think we really NEED another hangout. just me.

-Millerlite, aka Corey Elitzer

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