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Arena in and out


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I think if a person is trying to leave the arena the enemy should let them go ahead and leave if the enemy doesn't let him there should be lick a 30 min ban

I see how to feel Obexboy, I do agree with letting them go and the 30 min bann. That would stop a lot of people from spawn trapping.... and ect.

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I don't see how something like this could be implemented, as far as the scripting goes. What point in the arena would count as, "trying to leave"?

Lol I don't think there would be a button, that just says "leave arena". Some GM's could keep a watch over the arena or maybe add to rules making sure people don't camp, Because that just gives Ice-wow a bad reputation, People would leave this server and might not come back. The only solution would be to report the player if he camps you, and have to have proof before reporting.

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