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Suggestion to the forum/GMs/Admins regarding spells


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Please..I beg of you..if you are going to disable spells please do one of the following so people like me dont get into a sticky situation thinking there is a way out such as a spell that has been disabled that would be quite crucial.

First: Make a topic regarding the spells that have been discontinued or disabled and preferably the reason why.

Second, make an in-game book regarding the spells that aren't currently in use, nothing fancy, just the spell names.

Last, make the spells cost an amount no one is able to pay at the trainer until it is fixed, thus, it isnt something that might cause confusion for being allowed precious space in the spell book.

I hope you consider this suggestion and take something from it, because it has been one of the things that has irked me about your server since I began playing.


Avid gamer and Immortal, Hades

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What i didnt specify above: I tried searching the forums before i created this for the key words "Spells" and "Disabled Spells" and didn't find a topc relevant to this. If i missed a topic, please post the link here and let me comment to make all relevant words available for search credibility. Thank you again for your time.


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