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hmmfff recently i get the damn im bored feeling when im playing the server. In the beginning it was fun , exciting but now there is just not much left to do :s al i can do the whole day is kill players outside deepholm or arena... Gets so boring after a while ; so i was wondering if there were any new things planned to be released ? Perhaps fixing the bgs would be a good start. And after that maybe some more quests and stuff like that , and custom event areas like a climb challenge?

Just a suggestion cause i think im not only speaking for myself , the stuff you can do in the server atm is fun but gets boring fast.

Grtz Avana

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We are constantly working on new content that will be released. You simply don't know about it yet! I know for a fact there's some good stuff in store for you players :)

Ooo, goodie. Was wondering when new content was going to be released....

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