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Big guide Hope you love it!!!


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K so first you wanna create a account from ice cold_wow

Then you wanna Switch your realmlist to login.Icecold_wow.com

Then download the launcher

Run launcher play either Reaper Or the other server Pick Reaper

Then Create a Character Do customizations Character name (example: Justin)

Then create the character Play the character

Then when you play you will see yourself with a couple or alot of people at deepholm k you look around behind you are proffesion trainers and infront of you are a Starting gear vendor farm quests and other stuff. got to the starter gear vendor buy your style either caster meele or ranged bye your style all the stuff you need!

When you get the gear and weapon go to your trainer the trainer is around deepholm not hard to find when you find him or she train all the spells

Then go to your talents pick your specialization and learn your talents

After that you wanna find the mount trainer he looks like an air indead thing so when you find him train

When you train find the mount vendor he is 2 vendors beside mount trainer now they all our 5 thousand look for the drake that has no money buy it then learn it

Then go to proffesional trainer buy mining then look at your bags you see armor you can equip them its recommended for better stamina you pick ok you see icecold_wow teleporter click it then Icecoldwow zones and dungeans then you go to death forest farm gold kill kobold for linen (Linen is 5 gold per so is copper and rough stone forgot to tell buy mining pick from a city (example:orgrimmar or Stormwind)

When you get mining pick you start mining and killing

After getting at least 500 gold from deathforest go to ice cold teleporter then ice cold zones and dungeans go to Ramparts a hunt gear for your class after fully getting all gear for your class go to Ice cold teleporter malls deepholm global mall go to one of the farmer quest guys get the destroyer quest so as meele quest or caster questand ring quest complete them if you need help check where the description tells you to go use teleporter ice cold zones and dungeans Deadmines and Stockades for the deathwing quest type /o LFG Deathwing get a group of atleast 3 people make sure you have a pally!!!

Then complete all quests and get rewards then its time for uprading you demonic gear so it is easy to upgrade armor all you have to do is take a piece of demonic armor off use upgrade translation click the unequpied demonic armor and it requires 2 things 100 apexis shard and 4 apexis crystals You can get 100 apexis shards at deamines you get 1 apexis shard from 1 mob each time you do dungean you get 50 or less apexis shards takes like 2 times or 3 to get 100 apexis shard know to get 4 apexis Crystal go to Ice cold teleporter Icecold zones and dungeans Volcanoth Lair the drop rate of the crystal is 40% so dont complain your not getting drops like i was!!

So when you upgrade you can upgrade higher and higher do the requirements for the upgrade

Enjoy my guide if you need help on game whisp rokufireball

for in game help hope this helped alot also my real name is Ryan im not

the gm ryan My name is Ryan and i hope i meet this gm called Ryan soon Thanks for

Reading this big ultimate Icecold_wow guide to join my guild whisp me!!! i help people and they help

me whisper me Rokufireball and i will let you join Guild (Reaper)

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