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I cant login



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It stops at connecting it wont let me log in

It most likely means you're not on the right patch (for me, 4.3.4), or don't have the right realmlist set. Try opening your -retail- WoW launcher and updating to the latest patch. After done, close the launcher, and run repair. After that is finished, go to your main WoW directory, then to the "data" folder, than to your local folder, (either enUS or enGB, depending on where you live), and locate your "realmlist.wtf" folder. Open it, and erase everything inside, and replace it with...

SET realmlist login.icecold-wow.com

After done, go to File>Save, then exit. Open up your Icecold-WoW launcher again, and click on "delete patches", then "Player Reaper". Hope this help!

Yours truly,


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hay there im having the same problem

(zurlock) i did evrything you said and it still freezes

when i log on it says success then connected then it just freezes then i go on my task manger and it says wow not responding then i wait like to 30 to 46 mins and theres still no progess

and i tried reaper and dreamer it just freezes

so please im dieing to play this game

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i have same problem . too . i try everything . downloading 4.3.4 client and clearing cache and more more more .... but its still didnt work and frozen .

and i find a problem . the problem begin from my ip addres. i change my ip addres with VPN connection and its work. but the vpn connection is too bad and make me a hight latency like 19k latancy :S and i cant play with em . admin please do somthing . ... its a new problem ....

i think its begin from the changing host ....

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How to play WoW for beginners:

  1. Re-install WoW and make sure your on the right Patch. (4.3.4)
  2. (Important step): Download Icecold-wow launcher, Also make sure that its in your wow folder (where ever it is).
  3. If something is wrong with your IP restart your router, (make sure you know your pass word)
  4. Delete you cache.
  5. Play! (if you lag to much a program i recommend is GameBooster.)

So simple to do.

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