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Troll - Hunter (Onurr) -Sniping-


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Hello, fellow Icecold-WoW players and/or staff! My in-game character name is "Zurlock", and this morning, beginning at around, 5:30am EST, a hunter (Horde), with the name of, "Onurr", was constantly sniping me, and other players, even when we constantly told him to stop. Now, whenever I would intercept and, (and ultimately kill him :thumbsup: ), he would tell me to, "Stop", then immediatly after I began to stop, he immediatly began to snipe me, and others, again. This went on untill about 5:50am EST. So I finally became ticked enough to post this. I have about, 6 screenshots of him doing so, but I'll show two, unless you wish to see more.

Yours Truly,




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