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IceCold-Reaper All Custom Dungeon's and Raid's


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Welcome to my guide!

Today i am going to show you all IceCold-Reaper Custom Dungeon's and Raid's!



At the Ramparts dungeon drops the Demonic gear.


At the Stockade dungeon drops mats for the "Starter Weapons Caster/Melee" quest.

3.Volcanoth's Lair:

At Volcanoth's Lair drops upgrading mats for Demonic gear to Blessed gear.


At Deadmines drops mats for the "Starter Ring" quest.

5.Halls of Lightning:

At Halls of Lightning drops upgrading mats for Blessed to Ravaged gear.


At Tanaris drops upgrading mats for Ravaged to @@Chromatic gear.

7.Throne of The Tides:

At Throne of The Tides drops upgrading mats for @@Chromatic to @@@@@Forbidden gear.

8.The Nexus:

At The Nexus drop upgrading mats for @@@@@Forbidden to Impeccable gear.

9.Utgarde Pinnacle:

At Utgarde Pinnacle drops upgrading mats for Thunderfury, Moaning Blade of the Windseeker.

10.Forge of Souls:

At Forge of Souls drops mats for Token of Forge weapons.



At the Deathwing raid you met the deadliest boss in-game which drops Death War Melee/Caster off-sets.

Hope i helped you!=)


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