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lower votepoints cost


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For one: You should put this under the Dreamer Server since this is under Reaper

I suggest editting your complaint to; a more... formal type, you'd probably gain more respect, and reason; into a response... But I'm not sure about Dreamer server.

-Millerlite, aka Corey

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He talked about Reaper. Glowcaps? That's reaper stuff.

I disagree. If you don't want the VP items then don't buy them. Glowcaps are hard to farm, if you don't have the ability to farm them then you could use VPs to buy them.

In the end, you're going to vote no matter what. High prices aren't going to make you not vote. It's just going to make you vote more.

Higher prices = more votes = better for the server.

I vote your idea down.

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