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VIP and NON-VIP armor - Feedback


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just a suggestion...

I'm full chromatic armor... all parts...

(better than forest or oblivion gear),

do this was really hard...

I also have thunderfury sword - upgraded max status (15 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@),

I will not upgrade my stuff more, because I want pvp and have fun now...

(and glowcap has less 'armor'),

but any vip can kill me with just one (1) arrow... that's not cool...

after so much work at dungeons... I should resist a little more... no?

I'm a paper palladin... I think that is unfair...

Why do not you guys think how to make it more balanced?

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Chromatic isn't really high up. I'm sure if you had Impeccable gear you would 1 shot a few VIPs.

One arrow won't kill anybody, but perhaps the skill they use would. If they had say VIP 4, and you were in Chromatic gear, I could see a one shot scenario occurring. All I can say is, get better gear or donate.

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