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Hello everyone i relativity new here and I've notice that the method of voting is kind of confusing, so I think it it might be nice if you either didn't have to navigate back here from the website, or if nothing else make it a little bit easier, because not all of the voting sites have an Icecold banner, so it requires sometimes scrolling through a dozen or so servers before finding this one, and sometimes not everyone has the luxury of spend alot of time voting (so in simple terms, voting method should be made a little easier)

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An easier way of doing this, I found, is when you select the vote option and enter the captcha; press Ctrl+F. This will open a little bar in usually the top right of your browser. After it's open just type, "IceCold" and it should jump to the link you need. Don't erase what's in the Ctrl+F bar, when you go to the next page after entering the captcha, just press Ctrl+F again and IceCold should still be there. Then hit enter. Rinse and repeat.

Hope this helped!

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