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getting good gear



hi guys

i am writing this so you will hopefully learn how to get good gear

well first of all you want to be farming at ramparts when you kill the orcs there you get parts of vampires gear , this is the first gear you should get

after that, you might realise that that gear isnt so good any more, so you need to upgrade, so. to upgrade from vampire gear you should go to dead mines and kill all of the creatures there you will recieve cracked vip gemmes,you need to get 100 them so you can upgrade... so once you have got them use the upgrade translation. right click it and then click the part of gear you wish to upgrade, and you will get a message saying congratulations!

next is for the forest gear, you need to get forest diamonds this this time, so you have to go to lightning halls for these diacraps and once once you get 50 of them and you can upgrade the piece of oblivion that you upgraded before, this time it will be forest gear,

i hope this has helped you

my ingame character is likeaboss

just send me a message in game for help , because i am gverry active

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