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A Certain Idea.

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I have a suggestion on the improvement of the server, aiming to make it even more fun, and more challenging.

Rewarding Events

Hard, perhaps insanely hard events, but possible to make, which actually give regular players a chance to win a high quality item. On the Reaper realm, players are sharply separated - Donors and Regulars. The Donors are way more powerfull, and thus fight among themselves. So do the Regulars. If you give people a chance to level up with more powerfull people, they will gladly take the challenge on.

This means that players will be more interested and dragged into the process; And as those events grow harder and bigger, eventually more players will be attracted - Surprisingly, there are very few servers with good, if any, custom events. And with more players the server is going to populate, and grow in popularity.

Players will fight with more people, creating a more intense PvP expierence. Everyone is Happy.

That's about it.

~The Walrus

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Well, regular players are able to achieve high quality items through farming or purchase (i.e Auction House). The Forest Gear can handle anything VIP 1-2 can, then you can upgrade that gear further.

I could see some new events be good though, some people do enjoy challenges and those who don't, do not have to participate. More PvP would be nice too.

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