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Custom Weapon Idea's

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World Boss: Cold Dragon ( just idea's) 6500m Boss Sinestra ID (BOE Weps and Unique) (VIP BOSS)


One Hand Sword

<Ice Cold Dragon Blade>

60,0000-65,000 damage (Upgrade) 70,000-80,000 (upgrade) 82,000-96,000

2.6 speed (upgrade) 2.8 speed (upgrade) 3.0 speed

4,000 Stamina ^^ 6,000 stamina ^^ 8,000 Stamina

5,000 Agility---7,000 Agility----9,000 agility

6,000 attack power----8,000 attack power----11,000 attack power

5,000 Strength----7,000 Strength-----9,000 Strength

Two Handed Sword

<Frozen Greatsword>

70,000-78,000----80,000-92000----95,000---105,000 (Damage)

3.2----3.4---3.6 (speed)

6,000----8,000-10,000 (stamina)

7,000----9,000-11,000 (Agility)

8,500---10,500---12,500 (attack power)

6,500----8,200---10,000 (Strength)

Two Handed Staff

<Staff Of The Frozen Dragon>

Damage does not matter =P

Speed Does not matter

6,000--8,000-9,500 (Spirit)



8,000--9,000-11,000 (Spell Power)


<The Frozen Peashooter>

60,000-72,000---75,000-83,000---85,000-98,000 (Damage)

3.1---3.3---3.5 (Speed)

6,000---7,500--8,900 (stamina)

6,000--7,500--9,000 (agility)

8,500---9,500-10,800 (Attack Power)

6,000---8,500---9,800 (Strength)


<Frozen Ice Shooter>

60,000-70,000---70,000-80,000--80,000-90,000 (Damage)

3.2--3.4---3.6 (speed)

6000---7000---8500 (Spell Power)

7000--8000---9500 (spirit)

7000--8000--9800 (stamina)

7500--8500--9500 (intellect)

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