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Yesterdays large downtime was due to a DDoS attack on the datacenter where IceCold is hosted. This has been fixed now.

Upcoming core patch

A large patch will soon be applied to Reaper to fix or improve hundreds of issues and features. It should crash much less, fix some spells, and make more broken features work. It also uses a new map system which fixes any mob movement issues (like mobs going through walls).

It will also give major boosts to player HP and possibly other stats. Together with spell fixes, it should balance out classes while we all enjoy higher HPs!


VIP 7 will be arriving extremely soon on Reaper. It will be displayed for a few days before being sold. It has 220,000 base stats and will sell for $300 USD. Upgrades to VIP7 will be allowed through the upgrade system.


Over recent weeks, donations to the server have fallen dramatically. We moved to a new, higher-quality host 2 weeks ago and this is driving up running costs. If donations continue to fall, eventually we will no longer be able to keep up with running costs and will be forced to close IceCold servers.

We are appealing for players to try and contribute whatever they can. Even a $5 mount helps greatly. And we'd like to remind VIPs that they can upgrade their VIP set and only pay the difference, automatically: http://www.icecold-w...ade-your-vip-r6

New content

The core change a short while back has enabled us to efficiently create new in-game items and content. Once the patches mentioned in this post are all completed, the focus is on new stuff! Dungeons, vendors, items, farm sets, donation items, all that! We will be selling smaller miscellaneous weapons/items in the store for cheaper prices so everyone will have something to benefit from :)

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