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I think you should more challenging instances. :P

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I think you should make more challenging instances, with better rewards for gear, I know, getting forest gear is extremely easy, but getting Glow Caps and Event Tokens are a little harder, but I think there should be more instances than just those 3, not including Ramparts, because you would get more stats and deal more damage, and there would be something harder to work for. I'm thinking you should add an instance that no non vip can solo, so you need a group to get the gear, and it would be more challenging. Kind of like another server, where there is gear that is very hard to get, because you need individual pieces to get the full piece of gear. I also think you should make more upgradable gear, such as upgraded Forest, Gold, any vip and such. I think you would get more players if you did this because you can actually get better stats as a non vip. Sorry for asking so much, but I'm just stating what I think would improve the game. Thanks for reading this, and I hope it helps. :woot:

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