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Why the hell is it so expensive? People have already donated to get the gear to one character, now you charge them EVEN more just to take it off one character and PUT IT ON ANOTHER..... Just a bunch of money hungry dicks... When I first played this sever I loved it... Now that you made paladins more OP and nerfed shammy's, I just dont see the point in playing... Why should people have to pay an extra $15 just so they can actually have a good class again? You WILL have a lot of pissed of shamans like me... Just telling you now...


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I understand. BUT i do think this server is still great you also got to realize that its under going the new core transfer still and things aren't the way they are going to stay. The 15$ is a lot AND maybe lower it but hey you donate to the class you wanna be and have fun with so you shouldn't need to transfer. I would love to see VIP'S get a free transfer for just the new core change. Would be pretty neat to see that they appreciate us donating =)

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