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Some New Idea's =)


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1) Upgradable VIP gear.

2) B.O.E VIP gear for gearing VIP alts

3) Create more bosses like deathwing but have them drop better stuff like helms,shoulders ect.

4) Create Tier's like T12 (custom of course) and have them like T12.1 T12.2. Make it long lasting.

5) Have Stair events with a quest at start and end maybe a custom bag with like 5k stats.


7) Upgradable Weapons for sure.

8) A instance with many bosses. Use places like BWD to your advantage.

9) Have a new raid/instance a week/every other week or month. something often though.

10) Try and balance classes.(do this last because if there's more gear it will hold people longer)

<Idea's from Firekage/Bawsderrik>

<Used these on many server i owned and i want this server in the best place possible so hope you follow some of these =) )

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All your ideas are good accept the haste one i relly dissagree, the latest thing they did is remove spell spamming, leme ask you something what are mages sopose to do when battling warrior whitch has great haste becouse the mele haste isnt removed :(

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