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Guides for Newbies !


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Hello newbies today im gonna "introduce" you the capabilities of owr server!

1. When you start your char's adventure you need some gear of course :D

You can buy gear at the panda vendors or...

Farm alot of types of gear like maybe Vampire Gear- it can be farmed in Ramparts Dungeon, and Forest Gear- it can be farmed in the Halls Of Lightning Dungeon!

2.Weapons- They can be bought from the panda vendros and the can be farmed:

For example if you are a melee class you start the quest "Starter Weapons Quest (Melee)" then you goto to the Stockades dungeon and farm the stuff needed from the mobs.

There are also upgradable weapons like - Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker: It can be bought in the Vote Shop for 6 Vote Points

And thats it they are also Raids like Deathwing- there you get Sapphiron (necks,rings,trinkets,backs)

To avoid thoose hours of farm you can also Donate to owr server! There you can buy the followed features:

VIP1 = $10 (28K Stats)

VIP2 = $30 (42K Stats)

VIP3 = $55 (57K Stats)

VIP4 = $90 (76K Stats)

VIP5 = $155 (100K Stats)

LOL Sword = $325 (1,550,000 Str, 105K Agi, 1,110,000 Stam and 50K Intel and Spirit)

And thats it !!

Have fun in owr Server and dont forget to obey the rules!

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