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Guide for New Players.


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How do I get good gear? First you get all the Starter Quests. Second you got to all the gear vendors in the Shattrath and Deepholm Gloabl Malls to get all your starting gear. Third you will need to go into your Backpack, hit IceCold Teleporter, it will then come up with a whole heap of random crap, you will want to hit IceCold Zones and Dungeons, next you will want to go to Hellfire Ramparts (A.K.A Ramparts), this place will drop all your starting gear (10K stats). Forth, you will need to go and do all your starter quests, if you are any of these class's: Hunter, Warrior, Paladin, Deathknight, Druid (Feral Spec), Rouge or a Shamen, then you will want to get the Melee rewards, if you are a Priest, Druid (Resto or Balance), Warlock or a Mage you will want to pick the Spell ones. Fifth, you will want to get groups for Deathwing who drops Sapphiron gear, this gear is better than VIP1 so you will want it. You will also want to do Lightning Halls, this place will drop Forest Gear, (25k Stats). After you have done all this, you will have the 3rd best gear for non-vips, if you want better you have to farm for Glowcaps and Magic Tokens, Magic Token gear is the VERY BEST a non-vip can get, (31.6K Stats, VIP1 = 28K Stats) once you have all this Magic Token gear, you will be the very best player of non-vip. You can also vote every day, and get 250 Vote Points, (50 Days) for Frostmourne, this weapon has 135k Stam and Str, 102.4k Agi and 35k Intel and Spirit, or you can just donate for this, its costs $60. Here is a list of all VIP prices and there stats:

VIP1 = $10 (28K Stats)

VIP2 = $30 (42K Stats)

VIP3 = $55 (57K Stats)

VIP4 = $90 (76K Stats)

VIP5 = $155 (100K Stats)

VIP6 = $220 (125K Stats)

LOL Sword = $325 (1,550,000 Str, 105K Agi, 1,110,000 Stam and 50K Intel and Spirit)

For more info on getting gear, leave a comment and I will try to help you out


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