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Suggestion to cure the boredom

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Yes Hello, I have been Playing your server for little over... I would say a month or two now, I have noticed that People Get Extremely bored over time, So I have an idea, I would Like to propose that there could be... lets say Roleplay Designated areas where people can go to for Rps instead of sitting and being bored, Now these areas could be in places like lets say:



Area 52






Ruins of Gilneas

Thunder Bluff


Both Neutral or The Main Cities

I have taken this idea into much consideration and thought many things over before contacting you here, You will also Need to get an IRC ((Roleplay Coordinator)) to help make sure that the Rules of Roleplay are Understood and Everyone can have fun and enjoy. Anyway this was my idea, Hope you read it over and it helps, Enjoy and Thank you for reading


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