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[MAC] Steps completed, double click launcher, black screen.. CRASH!



Hi, after reading the title i'm sure you guys already know my problem.

I've downloaded the Mac files to run IceCold WoW on my Mac, I've followed the steps and completed them correctly. (I made sure of this before posting).

I double click the launcher within the MacOS folder, my screen turns to black (as if it's about to start)..


BOOM, it crashes. Anyone know what I can do here?

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Out of date? You mean they haven't kept up with updating the Mac version or am I missing the idea?

When I double click the World of Warcraft file in the MacOS folder it runs Terminal, which it begins writing lots of text fast. (Not a computer genius!), however I picked up on this..

Assertion Failed!

App: /Applications/World of Warcraft/World of Warcraft.app

File: (unknown)

Line: 0

Error Code: 0x85100079

Time: 2012-03-08 21.34.53 GMT

Assertion: DBFilesClient\AnimationData.dbc has wrong row size (found 24, expected 32)

Crashed Thread: 0x0000010b

It then began writing a lot more babble and ended with..



[Process completed]

I have no idea what to do here.. any suggestions are very much appreciated!!!

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