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Fail gm kell is a ****ing fail gm


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Kell is a ****ing fail gm ban me FOR NOF ****ING REASON just got kicked now i didn't write any ****ing caps or did somethign in chat used words liek this and he ****ing random perm an my acc KELL IS A ****NIG FAIL GM REMVOE HES ****ING GM HE CAN'T PLAY GM HE SUCKS AND HES FAIL GM BECUS HE RANDOM BAN ME AND KICKS AND DOSEN'T ****ING DO SOMETHING TO NOOB KID TWELLS ****ING RANDOM KLLING ME CAMP KILLIING ME AND CAN'T KILL SOMETHIGN ELSE BAN ****ING TWELLS A ****ING NOBO KDI SUCKS AND BREAKING RULES

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