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Reaper's new core progress


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[X] Import all Reaper data

[X] Check all Reaper data

[X] Test custom code/scripts

[X] Test and adjust stats to ensure there is decent class balance

[X] Make sure that PvP is relatively fair and working

[X] Change dungeon mob stats to match lower player stats

[X] Final feature checks (use every feature possible and see if it crashes)

[X] Launch on Reaper

Green steps are completed

Yellow steps are in progress

Gray steps are not done yet

You can help us with the balancing testing by hopping into Screamer Beta, creating characters of various classes, gearing up, and comparing them. If any class weakness is found, please report in Feedback forum section and include stat buff/nerf suggestions if possible.

NOTE: General Screamer stats are LOWER than Reaper. This is NORMAL. Please do not think a class is weak because it does less damage than Reaper. When testing, please completely forget about Reaper's damage, HP, etc. and concentrate on class balance.

Get testing and get reporting!

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