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cant log in



I can't log in but my normal wow works fine i've tried using the reapri tool as well I enter my account name and my password and then it stop at the connected part.. like when you type your password and all then it says it was successfull and then coneected btu afterwards nothing happens I just cant choose a char to play with... anyway if anyone has any idea what I am talking about and can help please do so :)

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Are you really sure you are opening the game with Icecold launcher ?

Check it by looking the Version of wow in-game logging part left corner down There should be read 4.0.6

If you don't wanna open the wow with icecold launcher just add this

SET realmlist login.icecold-wow.com

But open the wow.exe or the icecold launcher in your wow folder.

And try again now becouse it might be that when you tryed server would be down :)

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