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Fastest way to download WoW Cata



Ever Wanted to download WoW in lest say 15 min and the insatllation is like a 5h and u just cant wait to install it well i have a salution for u.

Folow these easy steps and u shell get WoW in just 15 min.

1st.Go to WoW website

2nd. go to uper right corner where it sase battlenet click create an acount

3rd.Creat an acount go to this link https://us.battle.net/account/management/download/

4th.Download game

5th.install the game adn ur redy to go :D

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actualy itsa 4.0.0 Cata so it will pach up to 4.3.2 if uuse the launcher the problem is it hase a mistake about one of the MPQ files is not the right size.So dont downlaod it from blizzard just go to one that is on The Main page of the IceCold Website

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