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Fix 4.3.2 134# error and DBFilesClient\Startup_Strings.dbc



Hi all i found a way to fix WoW 4.3.2 error's.

Pleas folow these steps.Also i do not own this its from Pleas Land WoW Private Server.


If you have the error 134, plz send email to [email protected], admin will send the wow-14333-ECD23291CBE2A2517566EC576B15D6A5.mfil and WoW.mfil to you to fix it.

Step 1: Make sure to delete the cache, both the one in main WoW folder and in data, also delete the WTF folder. Then delete patch from pleaseland launcher, also remove the pleaseland launcher.

Step 2: Download a new launcher and wow-14333-ECD23291CBE2A2517566EC576B15D6A5.mfil, WoW.mfil.

Step 3: Put wow-14333-ECD23291CBE2A2517566EC576B15D6A5.mfil andWoW.mfil in your main WoW folder but NOT the launcher.

Step 4: Put the pleaseland launcher in your WoW folder.

Step 5: Start the pleaseland launcher and download the patches, if you don't get any error message your good to go.

Step 6: If you did get an error message make sure that the pleaseland launcher is allowed through your firewall, you should probably ad them both to the trusted and/or exceptions list. How to fix the error! 2012-02-09 17:32:00

If you have the error about failed to read file DBFilesClient\Startup_Strings.dbc when you run our launcher for your 4.3.2 game client, which is caused by firewall,please do following steps.Make your firewall allows to run the launcher, or add it to your full trust list.Our launcher is safe, please do not worry about this.If you have allowed to run the launcher,just relog the launcher two times.Please check and have fun.

Hope it works for u :D.

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