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New Customs Stuff



I was thinking and maybe you guys could add more non-vip farming quests. Example you know how in ICC you start off using the Shadows Edge and do a chain quest that eventually leads to Shadowmourne. You guys should add a custom quest like that, make a new and longer custom raid that can lead to a weapon that is really good. (you guys should use Shadowmourne weapon look really cool :P)

Another idea is maybe try to make a Custom Raid that involves all the "Main Boses" from Origianal WoW-Cata. I know this would take long before it would happen but this Server needs new armor to farm and waepons to get.

Maybe bring back Azshara Crater except revamped so that they drop new items for us to get. (Yes i realize that most people that read this have no idea what i mean by Azshara Crater).

Maybe New PVP gear that you can get when PVPing in Areana.

Speaking of arena the Spirit Killer has to drop other things than Nagrand Gear no offence but the stuff he drops is garbage and needs to be fixed.

This is just a personal preferance but you guys should use Tier 10 heroic gear as new custom armor cause that armor is deffinatly one of the coolest thing i have ever seen in wow

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