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i misstakely uppdate to 4.3.2 and now i cant play...



Heey guys im Vandalize, Ramzi dlimi is my real name.

The problem here i started te normal wow with misstake and closed it, and it ruin the whole WoW for me :'( i cant play no more i tried to download the 4.0.6 in the lin kthat ice - cold gave me but no one seeds and it does hella slow. i wish some one could just send me the files or something please help i still gonna vote if i cant play but i really want to get on again plase help me admins :'( </3

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im stuck 2 on a same problem cant finde faster way to download 4.0.6 cata 4.3.2 realy mess things up a bit.

well i sopuse we can wait or search another way out of thins black hole im giving u a tip let me take care of ur problem i know so much ppl that maybe know some WoW 4.0.6 that downloads faster il send u a link when i finde it ok.wish me luck :thumbsup:

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