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What to do if u pached your WoW to 4.3.2 (2nd way)



This only works on Windows dont try it on Mac!!!!!

This is all u nead to do.

1st step: Downlaod this file ----> http://www.mediafire...bwcgb67odydrfc0

2nd Step:!This is only an update from version 3 of the patch to support 4.3.2 client version also

1) Copy whole download content so that Wow_moded_430_NOT.exe will be near your regular wow.exe

2) Use "start_wow_hide_patch.bat" to play the game

ps : starting normal wow.exe will delete the patch files wow-update-base-14334.MPQ if it can find it.

it helped me i hope it will help u 2. :-)


If it gives a fatal exception while getting the character list, do the following: rename the folowing files from the

WoW folder:

World of Warcraft\data\wow-update-base-14334.MPQ_

World of Warcraft\data\wow-update-base-14335.MPQ_


World of Warcraft\data\wow-update-base-14334.MPQ

World of Warcraft\data\wow-update-base-14335.MPQ

and try again!!!

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