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Vote - Blizzlike Realm


Blizzlike Realm  

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  1. 1. Should we make a Blizzlike realm?

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It's very simple: Do you want us to begin work on a Blizzlike realm with a higher XP rate?


It's blizzlike :)

Higher XP rate

Proper playing experience


A fair amount of broken quests

Other bugs and missing features (e.g. Mastery)

Vote now!!

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I could vote for yes and no

It Would propably get more people around but on our only realm is only about 50-70 people online and normally 50 on night or litle more ... Well when you think there would come Another realm it would be then 10-15 other plays in Blizzlike other pvp ??? Its big loss ...

Around now we should be patience and wait still more people join. We would need a broadcast to in-game to say that vote and maybe you should first script somekind of "Vote Reward" Engine to Website ? :)

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