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Kill-point system Titles Suggestion


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Ok so there is the Killpoint system wich is suppose to reward titles. Here are my suggestions for the Titles + an aditional reward to the kills, a cloak.

I think items will make it more worth getting the kills.

1. Private 100 Kills [Private’s Cover]

2. Corporal 200 Kills [Corporal’s Cape]

3. Sergeant 300 Kills [sergeant’ Strife]

4. Legionnaire 400 Kills [Legionnaires Chill]

5. Centurion 500 Kills [Centurion’ Skins]

6. Champion 600 Kills [Cloak of the Champion]

7. General 700 Kills [General’s Embrace]

8. Warlord 800 Kills [Warlord’s Drape]

9. High Warlord 900 Kills [High Warlord’s Cloak]

10. Battlemaster 1000 Kills [shroud of the Battlemaster]

11. Warbringer 10000 Kills [Warbringer’s Blood Cape]

12. Vanquisher 20000 Kills [Vanquisher’s Cloak of Dominance]

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