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PvP Event Suggestion


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As title says this is a old Event i used to do way back on a old server and everyone seemed to like it now since this is a fun server with custom stuff it should be more interesting

Rules 1 vs 1

Location : Gurubashi Arena - STV -

Basicly you will 2 guys start for example the GM would choose 2 ppl who are a bit equal and isnt unbalanced they will square off in the arena why everyone watches now for example say Tom won then tom would go one side which is Winners side and the Loser would have the choice to Leave or Stay on the losers side and watch

Ppl would keep fighting till theres 2 ppl left on winners side then the last 2 would go at it and Crown a winner there should be prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners

or Even you could change the rules up make it a 2 v 2 in STV

Anyways i personally love pvp events and alot of ppl here would too

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I love the idea. I just think stats are to unbalanced to have a proper pvp fight. for example 2v2. On my druid, If I dont get stunned the first sec of the fight I can nuke all equal balanced opponents to 0 hp in 2 sec. If i do get a stun, lets say rogue, I lose. Not real pvp.

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