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Fixing the Retrieving Item Information




I started some days here on Ice-Cold and from beginning did all right, Downloaded the launcher, made the account, changed the realmlist but then when I went to game, couldn´t see the costum items...

Then asked some VIP players, went into forums and saw this topic: --> http://www.icecold-wow.com/topic/890-fixing-the-retrieving-item-information/ which says how to fix. Until here the problem is normal, sometimes happens to everyone.

Then I did all steps, Went into WoW folder... Data folder... and then deleted the wow-update-13624.MPQ, and re-downloaded the launcher, runned as Admin and still the problems exists.

One thing to add, everytime that I delete that file and run the launcher and press to play on Reaper, the launcher automaticly starts downloading, and creates the WoW-update-13624.MPQ file, when I try to delete it, he says: that file is in use.

So my question is: how I can fix this damn problem?!

Thank you very much.

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