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Rules & Gm`s...


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I want to talk about the rule that dosen`t allows spawn camping or whatever :DD....hmmm anyway my oponion about it is that`s a total bull ****..... ppl should understnad that if they want to pvp then they will also get their arses kicked by some1 else.....i have got like 5 bans olready for that....2 times for killing a GM non vip char(i`m a nonvip too) then 2 times for killing a person who really annoyed me and in /w was writing some swear words about my family and other guy was jsut annoying me (ow yea the one guy was Vip2 and Vip2 QQued about a non vip...) So i say down with that ''Rule''' it`s not a needed rule...if You wnat to pvp You will get killed too..every1 should understand that.... if that rule is made to save non vips from Vips then make so that the rule is only for VIps.... that`s my opinion

and about GM`s.....So there are alot of Gm`s and i even don`t know how many bcz there are hiring so many Gm`s that i even can`t count along.....So i really don`t understand why the hell are there so many Gm`s? Are they anygot at all? oky maybe answering tickets but nothing else?

Also(going back to that ban 2 times from Gm`s other chars) It`s so stupid also...and those 2 times the Gm`s were acting DOUCHY......and that earns dissrespect to Gm`s....Gm`s should be respected by players...not Bcz their Gm`s and every1 should be a arslicker to be friendly with them....They need to earn their respect...and not acting like a total douche after their Gm`s....

There are only 2 real Gm`s i respect and could tell them that they have earned their Gm`s :Tirion(every1 know Tiri and respects him) and Generate (Generate actually got attention from admins because of the topic where ppl wanted him to be a GM and he turned out a good Gm...I do`nt know if something has happened to those Gm bcz i have left the server for some time after each ban and then after like 3 weeks come back) But those 2 ppl are REAL GM`s(maybe there are other Gm`s that have earned respect fro players...but then i started to paly these are the 2 i respect)

So my point is.....let the ppl vote if they should need a Gm...even if their good at being Gm`s they still should earn respect by players...bcz player donations help the server stay on... Repsect Others and they will respect You

Your`s Faithfuly...a player who has been annoyed by these silly things....

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I agree

What was the point of this topic exactly?

I mean. Bro.. How would you like some guy camping you? You wouldn't beable to use teleporter or get away from him, that's why this is a rule. To keep players from not allowing the other to have time to get away or to fight back.
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