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The IceCold Core has recently been updated. The following are some of the changes:

Vote Points - The vote point system is changed. Points are no longer in your bag but are an invisible currency tied to your account. Points in your bag have been converted to the new points.

IceGold - IceGold has been introduced. It is a new invisible currency that can be obtained from killing certain creatures and doing certain quests. It will be used to buy items from vendors and upgrade items. IceGold currently cannot buy anything, but we will soon be adding stuff to buy with it.

Upgrade system - We added an item upgrade system. It's a system that allows you to 'upgrade' an item to another, better item if you have the required things to upgrade it. Currently we have no upgrade items setup but we will.

Rankings - The system is now recording your PvP Kill Points. Depending on how many Kill Points you have, you can upgrade your title at the "IceCold Info" NPC.

Toplist - The system now records when you kill certain creatures. The new "Toplists" NPC shows who has the most kills of each boss, and who has the first kill of the month. We will soon add more bosses to it.

IceCold Info - The "IceCold Info" NPC has been changed. It shows your amounts of IceGold, Vote Points and Kill Points. You also will change your rank from here when it's properly set up.

We hope you enjoy these new additions

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