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A rouges suggestion to a better server


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My name is Rougeperson and am a new player on the Dethwing server and it has proven to be very fun. I do however have a few ideas that i believe will help the server grow and entertain the hundreds of current players online.

1. As a player starting a new privet server with it's own rules, quests, and over all design it can be very scary. Although a beginners guide is there a believe it should be a little more in depth the help out new people. Perhaps talk about what quests you should start with, and other such things like the benefits of the different class's, such as rouges for soloing, druids or mages for pvp ect...

2. I have personally played over 40 privet servers and one thing that seems to be missing is a event system. These events could be a jumping courses, non donor pvp gear, even a race on mount across the lands. The prices could be a simple as 1 mount but its the fun of it, and it would keep people happy and get lots of users on. I have only seen one event since iv played, i think they should be a schedule on the website.

3. I may be wrong but i did not see any holiday deals on the website for donations. Considering this is the holiday season i would think there would be a buy vip 1 get vip 2 deal of some sort or spend 20 bucks get 10 free in trade.

4. Another major problem i have noticed is the complete overpowering presence of some classes. There seems to be a glitch with mages where the spell/effect slow effects you even after death, aswell with shamans having the crazy ability to dodge from behind.

Thanks for taking your time reading this and i hope it helps out the servers and help you guys grow as a business and a great world of warcraft server.

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